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RipCurl 2019 GromSearch National Champion

So stoked to surf BSR Waco Wave pool for the first time during the RCGS 2019 Nationals and come away with the Win. That means, a trip to Bells, Australia in the Spring of 2020 for the International Final. Stoked! Mahalo Matt Meyers for the event and the opportunity. Mahalo RipCurl.

Makaha Fun – Volcom’s last stop before Nationals

“Happy to make finals at Volcom Makaha. Ended up in 4th place. Big Mahalo to Volcom’s crew for providing us with a great fun day at Makaha. Surfing and hanging out the west side all day is harsh because of the glare. Stoked to have my Maui Jim’s polarized ‘Switchback’. Mahalo Maui Jim, stoked to be part of the Maui Jim Ohana” – Ocean.